• Pyramid of Success: A Great John Wooden Resource

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  • Coach John Wooden identified the successful factors as the following:


    1.Industriousness - you have to work and work hard.

    2.Friendship - for success, either individually or for your team, there must be a level of friendship. It is a powerful force that comes from mutual esteem, respect, and devotion.

    3.Loyalty - it is a cohesive force that forges individuals into a team. Loyalty is very important when things get a little tough, as they often do when the challenge is great.

    4.Cooperation - working together in all ways to accomplish the common goal. And to get cooperation, you must give cooperation.

    5.Enthusiasm - people in positions of leadership must be motivated & positive people.

    6.Self-Control – it is essential for have discipline and mastery of emotions, for discipline of self and discipline of those under your supervision.

    7.Alertness - as you strive to reach your personal best, alertness will make the task much easier. Be observing constantly and be ready and quick to spot a weakness and correct it or use it.

    8.Respect - respect your opponents, but never fears them. You have nothing to fear if you have prepared to the best of your ability. You have conquered fear when you have initiative.

    9.Intentness - be persistent. Be determined. Be tenacious. Be completely determined to reach your goal.

    10.Condition - It is impossible to attain and maintain desirable physical condition without first achieving mental and moral condition.

    11.Skill - you'd better be able to execute properly and quickly. I'd rather have a lot of skill and little experience than a lot of experience and little skill.

    12.Team Spirit - you are willing to sacrifice personal considerations for the welfare of all. That defines a team player.

    13.Poise - you give your total effort to becoming the best you are capable of being. It takes poise to accomplish this.

    14.Confidence - you must believe in yourself if you expect others to believe in you. However, you can't have poise and confidence unless you've prepared correctly.

    15.Competitive greatness - all fourteen factors are necessary for competitive greatness. It's being at your best when your best is needed. It's enjoying the challenge when things become difficult, even very difficult. Competitors love that challenge. It brings forth their competitive greatness.
    John Wooden Pyramid of Success

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